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Noted below is the information necessary to provide you with a quote for membership participation.

Vehicle Insurance Pool (VIP)

  • Vehicle List
  • Include the year, make, model, and VIN number (or copies of the current registration or ID cards)
  • Loss history (minimum of 3 years)
Program Administrator:

Bree Wallace
Vehicle Insurance Pool Administrator
Phone: (916) 868-6226

Workers' Compensation Group (WCG)

  • Estimated annual payroll by WC classification
  • Loss history (minimum 3-5 years)
Program Administrator:

Linda Johnson
Workers' Compensation Group Administrator
Phone: 916-868-6230


Please include you organization name and contact information,including phone number and email address.

For broker submissions, a standard Acord application and loss history is sufficient to promulgate a proposal in either pool. Submissions should be provided to the respective program manager noted above.