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NPU’S Historical Highlights: How Crisis Created Us—and Your Success Sustains Us


  • We begin life as the Paratransit Insurance Organization when many nonprofit transportation organizations are forced to shut their doors because of soaring auto insurance costs.
  • We hit the ground running with 73 member organizations—all nonprofits, all focused on transportation.
  • We become the first nonprofit insurance pool in California.


  • By now, our membership has grown and diversified and we find ourselves representing every sector of the nonprofit community.
  • Accordingly, we change our name to NonProfits’ United Vehicle Insurance Pool.


  • As Workers’ Compensation Insurance becomes a statewide controversy—with prices skyrocketing and claims being deferred or outright denied—we’re inspired to begin work on a Workers’ Compensation self-insurance group, using the model of our increasingly successful vehicle insurance pool.


  • Having begun the NPU United Workers’ Comp Group with just three members the year before, we now find ourselves with more than 40 members and growing. This is a good thing.


  • NPU now has a more than 250 nonprofit-organization members in our self-insurance programs.
  • Three decades after our founding, many of our original board members are still on our board. To us, this speaks volumes about the value of our mission—and the values that our members believe in.

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