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    The purpose of this forum is to share ideas and resources. It should NOT be used for other purposes, e.g., passing on petitions, posting events, and sending jokes.

    CONFIDENTIALITY is essential. We each hold sensitive information about the agencies with which we are working. Nothing we talk about should go outside this group.

    Kindly keep to the topic; the more topic-specific contributions are, the more useful the forum is for everyone.

    Use descriptive subject lines.

    Make it easy for people to respond to you directly. Include your e-mail address and other contact information at the end of your message.

    Do not post private e-mail that you have received from someone else without his or her express permission to do so.

    Do not post copyrighted materials.

    Contribute to the forum; don’t just benefit from it. Your posted response to should be more than “I agree” or “thank you for responding.” Either add to the discussion or send these types of messages directly to an individual.

    Remember that this forum is a member-only service and the information therein should be deemed as members only.

    Do not post messages in all caps. This is the equivalent of SHOUTING.

    Do not forward messages to persons outside the group; you may copy and paste specific portions of content to share with others into new emails originating from you.

    Do you have issues or technical problems with our website?

    For questions, please contact NonProfits’ United at">

    To begin using the forum, scroll back up to the top of the page and click on ALL FORUMS, to begin reading and posting content within each category.

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    Thank you so much, and enjoy the forum!

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