Workers’ Compensation Group (WCG)

We Help Smooth the Wrinkles

Even though the insurance market can be volatile, your coverage can be a model of calm.

Our professionals provide immediate and long-term solutions, as well as a suite of value-added services.

Members must be 501(c)(3) California nonprofit corporations, and have a National Association of Insurance Commissioners 624 prefix for social service organizations.

We provide programs specifically designed for nonprofit organizations.
They include coverage for:

  • First-dollar to statutory
  • $2 million employer’s liability
  • Employers and volunteers.

Our WCG offers the following:

  • Flexible payroll allocation (see below)
  • Security deposit payments
  • Compassionate and thorough claims management
  • Assistance with safety and loss-control issues

An added service we provide is the flexibility to allocate an employee’s payroll between labor class codes.

This is unique to NPU member organizations. It allows uninterrupted coverage for workers who may spend most of their time as administrators but occasionally may need to step up and drive the nonprofit’s van or bus. This can prove to be a major money-saver for your organization.

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