What is NonProfits' United (NPU)?
Insurance Solutions and Risk Management Services NPU is a risk-sharing pool of California Non-Profit Organizations. We offer stable and affordable Auto and Workers Comp insurance coverages, expert claims handling, concierge safety and loss control services including on-site consultations, instructions and personal friendly service.
Our Board of Directors and Board of Trustees are made up of Executive Management of member organizations providing oversight for the compliance, regulation and financial health of both programs.
Creative Insurance Solutions
In 1988, NPU created the first self-insured Vehicle Insurance Pool (VIP) in California for nonprofits. We duplicated this success model in 2004 to create the Workers’ Compensation Group (WCG).
Risk Management
Our member-owners are active in managing their own risk to keep losses and their premiums at a minimum. We share the same goal; preserve resources by reducing premium and loss-related expenses.





Insurance Solutions
and Risk Management Services

We work for you!

NonProfits’ United is California’s first self-insurance pool created for nonprofit organizations. We operate two member-owned and governed self-insurance groups offering affordable rates and expert risk management assistance for California 501(c)3 nonprofits.

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What Members Say About Us

  • Every resource dollar that we save thanks to our status as member-owners of NonProfits' United goes straight back to our jobs-based training programs for low-income and homeless people.

    Mark Loranger | CEO Chrysalis
  • As member-owners of NonProfits' United, we're able to manage our insurance costs and concentrate on the critical work of our programs.

    Richard Milhous | MCS Founder Milhous Children's Services
  • I have worked with the good people at NonProfits' United for more than 10 years. They truly care about our clients and are always looking for ways to help them get better. Their team is tireless and works hard to provide a high level of loss control and claims management service which helps our clients control their costs. The work that NPU does helps these nonprofits to focus on their mission. I appreciate that.

    Joe Thacker | Partner Der Manouel Insurance Group

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