NonProfits' United is the first-of-its-kind insurance pool Dating Back To 1988.

our mission: Provide Quality, Cost-Effective Pooled Risk Coverage For Private Nonprofit Organizations.

We are a member-owned nonprofit insurer, offering vehicle and workers’ compensation coverage—but we don’t stop there. We provide every member access to expert claims settlements, driver instruction, safety and loss control services, member awards programs, on-site consultations, and personal, friendly service. We remain committed to giving every member the exceptional support and comprehensive coverage that allows you to accomplish your mission. At NPU, our focus is the success and stability of your nonprofit organization.

decades of experience make us the Premier Nonprofit Insurer.

In 1988, NonProfits' United established the first-of-its-kind vehicle insurance pool, designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. Sixteen years later, in 2004, we began offering workers’ compensation coverage. We have enjoyed significant organizational growth, and now insure over 250 nonprofit organizations across both coverage pools. We take pride in the fact that more than 30 years later, we continue to be recognized as a leader in the nonprofit community, and our efforts to insure and support every member will never change.

as a member-owned insurer, You Elect NPU’s Board Of Directors.

Our Boards of Directors/Trustees consists of executives and managers who work for member organizations. In addition, volunteer directors support our cause and work to represent the needs of each member. Unlike large insurance corporations with no front-facing executives, all NPU board members are directly elected by member organizations. You will always have the final say in who you want to represent your organization.

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Enjoy comprehensive workers’ comp and vehicle insurance coverage, with the reliable support and exclusive benefits that only NonProfits’ United can provide.