Annual Report

A Few Words
About Us

Insurance and risk management is our job — nonprofits are our mission.

NonProfits’ United brings insurance industry know-how and experience to the task of effectively administering our members-owners’ self-insurance programs. Our focus is on helping our member-owners control their premium costs through hands-on, focused risk management services.

We offer stable and affordable insurance coverages, expert claims settlements, driver instruction, safety and loss control services, member awards programs, on-site consultations, and personal, friendly service.

Our sole reason for existing is to help nonprofits succeed in their own missions.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide quality and cost-effective pooled risk coverage for private nonprofit organizations. We are committed to providing services that are responsive to our members’ needs and that contribute to the professionalism of nonprofit organizations.

Our vision is to help our members control risk, minimize loss, and save precious resources for their programs and services.

Board Of Directors

Our Boards of Directors are made up of Executive Directors and Managers of member organizations, along with a handful of At Large Directors, who volunteer their time because they believe in what we’re trying to do.

All of the Board Members are elected by you and take seriously their responsibility to you.


NonProfits’ United created the Vehicle Insurance Pool, the first ever of its kind self-insurance pool for nonprofits in California, in 1988. We duplicated this successful model in 2004 to create the Workers’ Compensation Group.

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