Prevent workplace accidents with comprehensive risk management resources.

risk management resources Customized To Fit The Needs Of Your Nonprofit.

It can be difficult to implement a safety plan internally, especially if you do not have a dedicated safety team with expert knowledge of Cal/OSHA and state and federal regulations. When you become a member at NPU, your organization benefits from unmatched safety expertise and risk management support that is tailored to your nonprofit. We work to understand your current exposures and collaborate with you to address your needs. We also perform periodic risk re-assessments for each member, giving your nonprofit the critical insights necessary to further refine your efforts at ensuring workplace safety. Our dedicated, experienced claims team is there to manage claims and provide risk control support.

safety can equal Cost Savings For Your Nonprofit Organization.

Employee and volunteer safety is essential to the success of your nonprofit. However, typical insurers may not be equipped to adequately cover nonprofit organizations, resulting in more claims and higher costs. At NonProfits’ United, we insure only nonprofits.

Our specialized focus allows us to better prioritize and promote workplace safety, with a library of risk management resources and in-person safety training and risk assessments. When you have access to expert risk management support and the actionable recommendations that allow you to implement safe workplace practices, your nonprofit organization can reduce claims and realize significant cost savings.

we provide Free Risk Evaluations And Risk Control Services.

NonProfits’ United has achieved long-term group stability in large part due to our proactive risk control services and actionable safety recommendations that we make available to every member. To ensure your organization remains compliant, we can review and help you develop a robust Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and an ongoing risk control and safety program. Professional, certified risk managers can perform an on-site safety assessment and ergonomic review, and provide safety committee training. 

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