Vehicle Insurance Pool

Our vehicle insurance pool (VIP) has offered stable premiums and flexible coverage options for more than three decades.

we can insure any california
501(c)(3) with at least 1 vehicle,
Offer Flexible Coverage Options, Risk Management Services, And Expert Claims Support.

Being a member of our auto insurance pool ensures that your vehicles are covered, but more importantly, ensures that your organization's employees and volunteers are protected. Whether your nonprofit has a single car or you require fleet coverage, NPU is there to find you the best possible vehicle insurance coverage. Your organization also benefits from a team of loss control experts that work specifically with nonprofits. And with access to in-person and online resources, you’ll find that our relationship is more than an insurance policy—claims representatives and support staff are always available to help your organization succeed.

We offer the following coverage options:

  • Up To $10 Million Of Vehicle Liability

  • Physical Damage

  • Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Protection

  • Rental Reimbursement

  • Employees, Volunteers And Board Members

  • Blanket Endorsements

Our VIP can also provide:

  • Premium Financing

  • Flexible Liability Deductibles (Ranging From $1,000 To $10,000)

  • Dedicated And Compassionate Claims Management

  • Fleet Safety Programs

  • Free Customized Risk Management And Loss-Control Services

pooled coverage means you Enjoy Rates That Are More Stable And Predictable.

Typical vehicle insurance rates can fluctuate, leading many policyholders to frequently change insurers. But at NonProfits’ United, we maintain stable rates that are more easily budgeted for in the long-term. We are able to do this because membership is exclusive—limited to only nonprofit organizations with established track records of safety—and we apply the same program performance and vehicle maintenance risk management standards to all members. This ensures every organization stays safe and rates remain steady. As a pooled insurer, member-owners manage risk collectively, which promotes steady, predictable long-term rates. Our reliable rates allow us to retain 97% of our members year over year.

members have access to Customized Risk Management And Additional Support.

Traditional insurance companies do not offer in-person risk management services. At NPU, we not only give you access to risk management, but also tailor our risk management services, loss-control support, and vehicle insurance coverage to fit the needs of your organization. We work directly with you to provide the resources and support necessary for your organization to effectively serve communities across California. From a library of online driver safety and distracted driving training, to risk assessment and safety recommendations, we remain an active partner in your organization’s safety. When you become a member, you become our focus.

get the responsive support your organization deserves, With The Flexible Coverage Options And Stable Rates That You Can Rely On.

Oftentimes, nonprofit organizations feel left in the dark by their insurer. But not at NPU. Our dedicated claims management staff deal with significantly fewer claims compared to typical insurance companies. This allows us to allocate the majority of our time and resources to providing your organization the support and expertise you need, right when you need it. Our staff, safety resources, and loss-control team are available, responsive, and included in your membership.

our risk mitigation efforts Ensure Long-Term Financial Security.

NonProfits’ United is a member-owned insurer, which means each member takes on financial liability for the entire pool. For more than thirty years, our coverage pool has remained stable and secure. We perform a risk assessment for each potential member, and never admit new members with risk profiles that do not fit our pool. New and current members are held to strict safety standards to decrease claims. Our risk mitigation efforts are central to the stability and security of the VIP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify for the VIP, your organization must be classified as a 501(c)(3), and have at least 1 vehicle. There is no limit on the number of vehicles we can provide coverage for.

Yes! We can provide you with vehicle coverage for both employees and volunteers. We will determine the specific type of insurance your organization needs during the underwriting phase.

Traditional insurance rates drastically fluctuate in price. Our vehicle insurance pool is different. While our rates may not be the lowest, they do remain steady and predictable. Combined with the safety resources and unmatched member support that only we provide, as a member you can expect stability and long-term value.

There are currently 220 members in our VIP.

Become A Member!

Enjoy comprehensive workers’ comp and vehicle insurance coverage, with the reliable support and exclusive benefits that only NonProfits’ United can provide.