Workers’ Compensation Group

Our workers’ compensation group (WCG) combines stable long-term coverage with unmatched member support.

workers’ compensation
Designed Specifically
For 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt Nonprofit Organizations.

Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage to employees who sustain a work-related injury or illness, protecting the nonprofit organization from liability. But unlike other insurers, NonProfits’ United is here to help you navigate complex regulatory codes and promote workplace safety, with expert claims-handling and a library of risk mitigation resources. We also maintain flexible, money-saving coverage options—including payroll allocation and coverage for both employees and volunteers—so that you can better focus on serving your community.

We offer the following coverage options:

  • First-Dollar To Statutory

  • $2 Million Employer’s Liability

  • Employees And Volunteers

Our WCG can also provide:

  • Flexible Payroll Allocation

  • Dedicated And Thorough Claims Management

  • Assistance With Safety And Loss-Control Issues

our self-insurance group gives Member Organizations Control Over The Operation Of The Program.

Self-insurance group coverage is a regulated alternative to traditional insurance, in which group organizations are member-owners. The NPU Board consists of a well-rounded representation of the membership, so your organization's needs are heard and satisfied.  In addition, group members enjoy a potential for return of equity if contributions and investment income cover costs—the group has not been subject to an assessment a single time since its inception.

to ensure the strength of our self-insurance group, We Only Admit Nonprofits That Meet Strict Underwriting Guidelines.

Unlike traditional insurers, our self-insurance pool is entirely member-owned, meaning each member inherits a share of the collective risk. As such, we only admit new members that are homogeneous with existing members—organizations that provide a service to underprivileged segments of society, such as the homeless, elderly, or disabled. This homogeneity helps to minimize the group’s overall risk exposure. Our program administrators examine potential members, ensuring they have a good risk management philosophy, positive and passionate work culture, and historically low frequency of claims. We cannot admit organizations outside the scope of the insurance pool. These include skilled medical facilities, blood banks, hospices, churches, scouting organizations, and psychiatric in-patient facilities. We have maintained stable coverage since 2004, as we work diligently to reduce risk wherever possible.

We Can Provide Coverage To Organizations that may struggle to find workers’ compensation insurance elsewhere.

While our underwriting guidelines are strict, many nonprofits that have difficulty finding coverage are ideally suited for our workers’ comp group. These include organizations which provide social services, such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation, those that serve the developmentally disabled, and group homes. We can also insure employees and volunteers working in retail and thrift stores, so long as they are connected to otherwise qualified nonprofits.

flexible coverage types can Save You Money On Annual Premiums.

NonProfits’ United is not governed by the Department of Insurance. This allows us to bypass red tape and offer more flexible coverage that can lead to lower premiums compared to traditional insurers. One such way we accomplish this is through allocating your payroll to properly designate the work your employees perform. For example, many nonprofit employees split their time between paperwork and working directly with the community. Because of stringent regulations, typical insurers classify time spent on paperwork and community work the same, despite the fact that these have very different risk profiles. At NPU, we can split your payroll according to the percentage of time spent on paperwork versus community work, which can lower your annual cost. This is just one way our workers’ compensation group is more flexible than other insurers—we’ll work to understand your nonprofit in order to get you the coverage you require.

risk management standards that Keep Your Employees And Volunteers Safe, And Group Rates Stable.

Every member has access to our minimum risk management standards, guidelines that help your nonprofit develop appropriate safety policies and procedures. Additionally, organizations insured by NonProfits’ United must maintain a written injury and illness prevention program, form a dedicated safety committee, and schedule regular safety training. Though our member expectations are high, your nonprofit will never go it alone: NPU’s dedicated claims adjusters and loss-control experts can work with your organization to determine best practice safety measures that provide immediate and long-term solutions. Our WCG rates remain stable because we are committed to workplace safety.

on-site risk control and Detailed Safety Training, Available For Every Member.

We proactively work to achieve a higher level of organizational safety at your nonprofit. Our risk control professionals help you identify safety hazards, provide safety recommendations, and give you the support needed to act on their recommendations. NPU is even there to ensure that you comply with local and state requirements, such as those set and enforced by California’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA), as well as other mandates.

Free risk control services available to every WCG member:

  • Nurse Triage Program

  • On-Site Safety Training, Ergonomic Evaluations, IIPP Review

  • Online Distracted Driver Training, Sexual Harassment Courses, Physical Safety Training, And Much More

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Frequently Asked Questions

NonProfits’ United maintains strict underwriting policies in order to limit group risk. Once you apply, our program administrators will evaluate your organization to determine group fit. Under consideration are organizations with historical claim frequency of approximately 5 to 10 claims per 100 employees per year, comprehensive organizational safety plans, and types of community service which correspond with that of our existing members.

Our WCG is designed to provide group stability. We require every member to adhere to strict risk mitigation standards. This includes having a dedicated safety board, adopting best practice safety measures, and undergoing periodic safety assessments. Along with our strict underwriting process and selective member admittance, risk mitigation efforts have proven successful in keeping the group’s rates stable in the long-term.

As a self-insurance group, rates are actuarially determined based on the experience of the group as a whole. For this reason, we typically cannot negotiate pricing like a commercial carrier. We can, however, reclassify some exposures. We have used this to provide all of our members with the flexible payroll allocation methodology, which allows for the classification of employees by actual work function. This flexibility can result in lower rates.

Our policy year is one calendar year. Should any client join our program mid-year, their premium will be prorated on their effective date. Policy renewal automatically occurs on January 1st.

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